Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Go Go Jo - Act Two

Following on from my previous post about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, here is Act Two

The interval was fairly hectic.

Twenty minutes to change back into our "Brother" costumes; frantic re-application of copious amounts of microporous tape to stick the microphone to sweaty faces - that stuff is really not suitable for a show like this; on the second night, my microphone came away; and I could feel the wire flapping over my ear!  Very disconcerting; not knowing if it's going to completely come away!

In any case, we were soon rehydrated and ready to make our entrances for the second half.

Once again, the orchestra played through the intro, and we stood in the wings.

Act two contains more songs, and once Pharaoh had done his 'thang' and rock 'n' rolled down Egypt way, and the girls had wopbopshawadibopped and ooh-eee-ooh'd ; it was time for the Brothers to re-enter the fray; this time as 'sad Parisiens'.

Comedy Moment

Joseph is a show on many levels, the sad poignant moments, the raucous dance routines (see the Hoe-Down in One More Angel) and also some wonderful comedic moments.

'Canaan Days' is one of the funniest moments of the show; a bunch of men; all crying and bemoaning times passed; all done in a French accent.  As cast members we loved doing it.

On the first night, it went quite well; but we received one direction from Debbie; it needed to be hammed up even more.  All I can say is, by the final night, we had taken it to a whole new level; and the audience lapped it up.

The routines were all great; and I must admit that each night I was more confident about what I was doing in front of a paying crowd.

The Finale

So Jacob came to Egypt, and was re-united with Joseph.
Joseph donned his multi-coloured coat, and started to reprise the anthemic "Any Dream Will Do" - as a company we slotted into our rehearsed positions and sang our way to the end.

As Joseph finished his song; we pulled back to reveal the multi-coloured sections of THE coat.

Megamix - It's All Over Now

As in the touring production of the show, we also 'did' the Megamix - re-visiting songs from the show.

Treated as an encore; and a way for the cast to take their bows, from the first moment that it started, to the bows at the end; with the running, dancing, clapping and cheering; this 8 minute, non-stop routine was electric.

You could feel it amongst the cast; and when we were in the audience, clapping along, it was the first time we could see their faces up close, and they were loving it.

The opening night standing ovation was just amazing.  Each and every cast member was ecstatic about the reception we received; and we knew that we had to repeat that the very next night.

And we did.
Every night; pouring our hearts and souls into giving the best we could!
Four nights of standing ovations.

There are no words to describe the feeling; but I can understand why professionals love what they do.

It was an amazing experience; three months of rehearsals, all boiled down to 4 nights of pure magic.  Working (if you can call it work) with some very talented people; some who had done shows before, others who were as new to this as me, we all gelled as a company; and it was this 'teamwork' which produced the final show.

I had a fantastic time.  We all did.  We're still talking about it now.

Question is? What's next?

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