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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Holiday... Celebrate

There is new Nintendo DSiWare and WiiWare being released tomorrow. If you don't know, this is downloadable software (usually games), which are developed by a wider community and available only as a download; via the said DSi or Wii.

Tomorrow marks the release of Flipnote Studio - animation software which is going to be FREE. Unbelievable, but true. It's already been given rave reviews, and looks to be the must have download. Have a look at the website, and some of the examples of the type of thing available. I will be, first thing tomorrow before I leave....

Leave? Yes, it's holiday time. At last, after 15 months since booking it, we're off.

The cases are packed, the holiday money safely stashed away, passports located, tickets ready.

We're going on a Royal Caribbean cruise, from Southampton; on the Independence of the Seas. I cannot get across how excited we are. 14 nights travelling around the Mediterranean.


My sister arrived safely Down Under, and is now getting to grips with the life in Perth. There is no 24 hour shopping (indeed, they're closed on Sundays), they drive on the left and it's a totally outdoor way of life.

What's more - it might be winter there, but the temperature is the same as here. How wonderful; not a frost in sight.

I really don't have much else to report. Just need to clear a few things up in the office, then I'm heading for the sun.

Hope you don't miss me too much!!

If you want to see how we get on, you can follow my holiday blog here - I'll be updating with photos as we go.

Until next time - adios... au revoir... ciao...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Riddle Me This

My coffee cup is riddled full of tiny little holes, and slowly and surely, the caffeine liquid is leaking its way onto my desk. Is this a metaphor for something, or just very bad luck?

Adventure Down Under...

It's a sad day today.

Although I haven't seen them in a while; later today, my sister and her family are embarking on an adventure of their own, as they travel Down Under for a 2 year period.

My brother-in-law has been given a contract in Perth, and today is the day they fly out.

I'm excited and jealous for them - I'd love to live out there.

At lunchtime they will board a Singapore Airlines flight (business class, lucky things) and begin the initial 12hour flight to Singapore, where they'll change before flying on to Perth.

Nervousness abounds; this is the biggest move they've ever made, and even knowing there's technology to help keep in touch; like Skype, so we can see and hear them; it's not the same as knowing they're on the same continent!!
So, although they won't read this, I just wanted to use this forum to wish them well.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Scribblenauts - Preview Of Game for Nintendo DS

More reviews - this is becoming a bit of a habit. To be honest, this is not so much a review; more a preview; since I haven't seen or experienced this game yet.

It's not out until the middle of September, but I believe this will be a smash-hit when it's released for the Nintendo DS.

Scribblenauts is the story of Maxwell, who has to reach a starite by solving puzzles. According to the games developers, 5thCell;

The premise is simple: The player uses the touch-screen to help Maxwell acquire the star in each level (apparently there are 220 of them) by solving a series of puzzles.
The twist is, in order to solve each puzzle, the players use the notepad to write objects that are used. Think of anything, write it down and watch it come alive! Write Anything, Solve Everything!

Features of the game are:

  • Bring any noun to life by writing or typing it in the notepad!

  • All objects behave as they would in real life.

  • Flee from aggressive monsters, save a fairy princess, or swim under the ocean with a mighty whale! Whatever you imagine will come alive!

  • Hundreds of unique scenarios that range from simple (get the Starite out of a tree!) to complex mechanic based puzzles.

  • Solve puzzles in dozens of completely unique ways.

  • Numerous environments, multiple game modes, and unlockable content provide a lasting and enjoyable experience!

This was a 'sleeper' success at E3 recently, and I am waiting, with bated breath, to get my hands on it.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It Does Work!!!

Ha Ha!!! Twitterfeed works.

My blog has automatically been posted to Twitter - you're probably reading it from there. Welcome!

Now I can concentrate on other content, and finding something useful and worthwhile to write about! Something to keep you interested. I think the technical term is 'sticky'!! A term referred to as one that keeps you coming back [to a website] for more.

So, if you're thinking about ways to promote your blog, then based on this quick trial, I would recommend Twitterfeed.

Hope the guys at Twitterfeed see this... !!!


One might be forgiven for thinking this blog is all about technology! And, you would be right, given the last few posts.
One day it's BlackBerry, then it's Nintendo; I've also looked at Tweetbucks.
Today, it's the turn of Twitterfeed.
Twitterfeed automatically takes new blogs and posts them to Twitter. This is good news, since I have to remember to post my blog URL when I've updated it, for all to read.
OK - I know it's not brain-busting material, but it is mine, and I write it because I want to, not because I have a huge ego I want to share. That's probably upset the applecart - now it will appear that I think all bloggers have huge egos!!
That isn't what I'm saying, and I think you know it!
Anyway, in using Twitterfeed, it automatically polls (at a pre-set time period) to look for updates, and when found, posts a short Tweet.
It's amazing how the simplest ideas are the best. Amazingly, this small company have received investment to take it 'to the next level' and in these economic times of gloom, this can only be good news, and we wish all at Twitterfeed, the very best luck.
Oh - and as this is the fist time I've used Twitterfeed to update Twitter - fingers crossed!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Nintendo Update - Good and Bad

Not quite sure where to start here. This blog is becoming a bit like a technology review. On Friday I looked at Viigo for BlackBerry, one of the best applications by far. I downloaded another application yesterday, for tracking calls, and once I've experienced it, I'll review here.

However, last night I discovered that Nintendo (the favourite gaming console manufacturer aimed at families) has updated the software on the DSi, and this now longer allows flashcarts to be used.

So, if you have one of these

You'll no longer be able to use one of these

Now, I admit that downloading games isn't fair on the hard work that the developers put in to creating some of the amazing games out there; however, the R4i was able to be used for multi-media as well (listening to music, watching films) and this avenue has now been closed off.

I'm sure that there will be a 'dance' between the 'geeks' and Nintendo, as more holes are found, and subsequently patched.

It's interesting that this 'development' wasn't promoted by Nintendo in their recent press release, which chose to focus on new functionality within the same release.
Now it's possible to upload photos taken on the DSi to Facebook.
I'm not sure if this is a positive move - let's face it, the DSi is primarily aimed at youngsters, who don't use Facebook (or am I kidding myself!) and therefore the use of this service will be limited.
On the other hand, I own a DSi, and I have a Facebook account, so maybe it will come in use - however, it can only be done where there is access to Wi-Fi.

The main crux of this is, if you like to buy DSiWare (and some of the games are quite good) then you will have no option but to update the software. If you don't, and have an R4i full of goodies, then don't do the system update voluntarily.


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