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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


One might be forgiven for thinking this blog is all about technology! And, you would be right, given the last few posts.
One day it's BlackBerry, then it's Nintendo; I've also looked at Tweetbucks.
Today, it's the turn of Twitterfeed.
Twitterfeed automatically takes new blogs and posts them to Twitter. This is good news, since I have to remember to post my blog URL when I've updated it, for all to read.
OK - I know it's not brain-busting material, but it is mine, and I write it because I want to, not because I have a huge ego I want to share. That's probably upset the applecart - now it will appear that I think all bloggers have huge egos!!
That isn't what I'm saying, and I think you know it!
Anyway, in using Twitterfeed, it automatically polls (at a pre-set time period) to look for updates, and when found, posts a short Tweet.
It's amazing how the simplest ideas are the best. Amazingly, this small company have received investment to take it 'to the next level' and in these economic times of gloom, this can only be good news, and we wish all at Twitterfeed, the very best luck.
Oh - and as this is the fist time I've used Twitterfeed to update Twitter - fingers crossed!!
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