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Monday, October 12, 2009

Disney Pixar - UP

Adventure is Out There

What a delightful film.  Once again, Disney and Pixar have delivered.  This is the 10th outing for the animation studio, hot on the heels of Wall-E, Cars, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc etc.

"Up" is the story of Carl, an elderly curmudgeon, who refuses to leave the house he built with his wife, Ellie, as a huge building project takes place around him.  After a lovely, and moving, 10 minute intro to the film, the adventure gets underway.

Enter Russell, the boy scout, who needs his "Assisting the Elderly" badge, and has a hard time convincing Carl to let him help.  When he does, things really pick up apace.

As we've come to expect from Pixar, the story is told on many levels, the adults getting as much from it as the children.  It's also the first Pixar film to be released in a 3D version.  I saw the 2D, and to be honest, whilst I could imagine where the 3D sequences would be, it's not necessary.  I still feel that 3D is a gimic.

The animation is outstanding, the sets, lighting and artwork all perfectly realised, the characters are well-formed and the soundtrack (again, Michael Giacchino) is lovely.

Pixar are on the 'Up' again, with the recent 3D release of Toy Story.  Toy Story 2 is due in the New Year, and later next year will see the brand new Toy Story 3.

You can see the trailer here, and if you like the picture at the top of this post; it's unique.  I created it on the 'Up' website.  Why not create your own?

Finally - when you go to see the film, don't be late, there is a Pixar short, shown just before the main film, which is wonderful.
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