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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Review - Assassin's Creed: The Movie

So, this afternoon I went to see Assassin's Creed. I must confess that I've never played the game, and knew little about the story; but this wasn't a bar to enjoying the film.
It's a well thought through plot, which can be a little confusing at times; however, this is more than made up for by the action - the death toll is incredibly high, and whilst it's rated 12A, I wouldn't recommend this to young ones - it's far too intense.
Michael Fassbender gives a great performance as the reluctant Assassin, along with Marion Coutillard as the scientist who persuades him to go back to the 15th century. Jeremy Irons is the 'baddie' after the prize for his own ends.
At times a little drawn out; some parts dragged on a little too long, and the overall running time could have been reduced by 10 minutes.
However, the action and the stunt work are fantastic to watch; and the sequence with parkour (free running) are brilliantly portrayed. You know they'll escape, but you constantly wonder how?
My main criticism is about the sound. The music (if you can call it music) was extremely loud - or maybe I'm just getting too old!!
It's no Oscar winner; and as I mentioned, some of the plot is a bit disorientating.
If you are a fan of the game, then I doubt you'll be disappointed; by all accounts it closely resembles the main storyline of the franchise. If you haven't played the game, but want to see some good old fashioned action set pieces, then give it a shot.

Friday, June 17, 2016

My Move To Apple from Android

I recently took the plunge and decided to jump into the world of Apple!

This is my story...

I have been quite strong in my feelings towards Apple products and services in the past.  I always felt that it was a total lock into their ecosystem, and once in there would be no going back.

I prefer the openness of Google, which is why I've been an Android user for the last couple of years.  Before that, I was quite immersed in the world of BlackBerry.

However, one day, a few of weeks ago I made a decision.  I decided to buy myself a MacBook Pro.

Yes, I know it was a dramatic decision; but I needed to get a personal laptop for work, and as much as I wanted to use my Chromebook (which I still love, by the way), it just wasn't up to the task at hand.

I knew I didn't want to buy a Windows laptop; I've been burned many times before with the endless updates and sluggish performance; not to mention virus checking!

That left me with one viable option. Apple.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I have never been anything less than complimentary about their design.  Beautiful machines.
I was only concerned with their walled garden approach to the environment.

However, it was pointed out to me that most of what I do is “in the cloud”, so really, what's the issue?  I could continue to work the way I want, without being restrained by a closed ecosystem.

So it was, one Saturday afternoon when I went to our local Apple store and bought a MacBook Pro. Why the Pro?  Why not the Air; or even the MacBook?
Simple - I needed an HDMI port.  That was it.  The new MacBook as no external ports; and the Air doesn’t have the HDMI.

MacBook Pro - First Impressions

I found the learning curve from Windows OS to be quite steep.  To begin with, the keyboard layout is different, and there are many other nuances.  You could argue that the Chromebook keyboard is also different; but the controls are the same as a Windows version.

My muscle memory is learning to adapt to the changes and I no longer use CTRL+C etc to copy and paste. I also like the on screen view of the various keyboard views, which has helped to find certain characters.

Regardless of the layout; the keyboard is one of the best I've used - just the right amount of travel, and with the back-lit keys in a dim room, there are no arguments from me.

Overall, the build quality is phenomenal.  The aluminium casing just reeks of quality and the retina screen is clear and bright.

Trackpad gestures are also very useful, and the multiple desktops allows for a more organised working environment.

Swipe in from the right and notifications are presented.

All in all, a very pleasing and polished experience.

Transition from Windows complete, I then thought about moving from Android!

Going All In

I knew I was setting myself up for ridicule. As I mentioned earlier, I have been quite vociferous in my feelings about the Apple “world” and changing now would only serve others the chance to make fun of me.  I have even said, in the past, that I’d never have an iPhone!!

Well.  Never say “never”!

Here's the thing. I'm big enough, and ugly enough, to admit I may be wrong.

Two weeks after buying the MacBook, I went back to the store and bought an iPhone 6s!!

I should add that I was quite very nervous about it. I like the way that Android gives freedom and flexibility to set the phone up how I like.  Using widgets on the home screen and quick actions to get things done, not to mention a first class notification centre.  How would I cope with being told how to use my phone?

To prepare myself, I replicated an iOS screen on my HTC one m8.  I removed all widgets, moved apps out of folders (well, most of them) and cancelled all shortcuts. I then continued to use my phone.
Surprisingly, I didn't miss the widgets and found I could navigate quite easily.

Still, nerves nipping away at me, I headed for the store. I questioned the sales guy, told him my concerns and he blew them away.
Totally. I mean, I know he's in sales, but that was incredible.

10 minutes later, phone in my hand, I was heading home to get it set up.

iPhone - First Impressions

Two weeks on and what's the verdict?

Well - set up was a breeze; at least the phone part.  The installed apps automatically updated, Siri switched on and I was busy downloading the apps I need to use my phone efficiently.

The major sticking point was in setting up email.  This was not as intuitive as I had hoped.

Sure, setting up my Gmail account was simple, as was my work Exchange account. The issue came when setting up a POP3 account for the Cub group I run. That was, and still is, troublesome.  I never get notifications about my emails, they just appear as read… So if I don't check regularly then I miss them.  Not really acceptable.  However, until a change happens; and I’m not hopeful of one in the near future, this seems to be an age-old problem, I'm learning to live with it.

From an app perspective, it's no surprise that 99% the apps I've used before are available and in that respect there's no change.

Battery life.  Much has been written about the iPhone being wall huggers. That it's not possible to go very long without charging.  I have to say I don't find that to be the case.  I'm not a light user, I also don't play games, but I have found to be able to go a day without plugging into the mains.


Am I pleased to have jumped onto the iOS bandwagon?

I was more than interested to hear the announcements at WWDC16. It seems there's some good stuff coming.

As for now. It's still early days and it may be a little while longer before I'm totally comfortable, but each day that passes brings me closer to a resounding “Yes”.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Review - Sony SRS X11 Personal Audio System

I recently purchased a Sony SRS X11 bluetooth speaker system.  In fact, I got two of them, since they came as a pair.  That's not a normal retail package, so I took advantage when I saw it; especially as the cost was only half again for the second unit.

There are many bluetooth speakers on the market, all of varying cost and quality.  I chose these because I have a good history with Sony product, and whilst they may not be the cheapest, you can usually be sure of a quality purchase.

OK - let's have a closer look.  As you'll see from the pictures, it's tiny.  But don't let that put you off.  This pumps out 10w of music.

This cube is 61mm in each direction, and weighs just 215g.  The battery will last up to 12 hours on a full charge.  The build is solid, with a rubbery texture on the top and the back, with a plastic underneath.  The grills covering the speakers look and feel like metal.  Overall, this feels like a quality product.

On the reverse you will find a stereo mini-jack input (if you use this, then you don't need to pair using bluetooth) and there is a micro USB terminal for charging.

The top of the unit contains the controls; the power button.  Press and hold to set the unit into pairing mode.

The volume buttons are on the right.  There is also a button to initiate hands-free calling, using the built-in microphone.  Music will automatically cut out when a call is in progress.

It's simple to set up - just power up (the first time will automatically set the unit to pairing mode), search for the connection on your device.  Just select it, and the pairing will be complete.

You may have spotted the Near Field Communication (NFC) icon on the top.  Tap this with your NFC enabled device and it will automatically switch your bluetooth connection on.

Now, when you play anything on your device, the audio will output from the speaker.  Magic.

One great feature is the ability to daisy-chain two of the units together.  There are two modes available.  Either create stereo sound, or double up, and put each device in a different room.  Now, so long as they are both within the bluetooth range, you can play the same music across a wider area.  Ideal for a party!

Also included is a lanyard that is useful for hanging the speaker; maybe on a branch, tent pole, or just on a door handle.

So - how do they sound?  It isn't hi-fi.  It's not tinny; there is bass, and the volume can be turned up fairly loud (although, of course, distortion will appear at the top!)  If you're looking for pure quality, then you'll need to spend more than this!  However, for general listening; playing Spotify playlists, it's ideal.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Review - Star Wars : The Force Awakens

There has been so much hype for this movie, the pressure on the production team must have felt like a lead weight.

JJ Abrams took the helm; after much discussion.  He admitted that he was tired of doing sequels, but thankfully Kathleen Kennedy persuaded him to sit in the directors seat for this one.  I'm so glad he did, and as a self-confessed fan of the originals, Abrams said this was a film for the fans by the fans.

When the casting was announced, we knew we would see Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker again, along with the newcomers for a new age.  Daisy Ridley (Rey) and John Boyega (Finn) are both terrific in this episode; it's incredible to think this is the first full-length feature for Daisy.

Before I saw the movie, I was careful not to read any reviews that might "give the game away" as I wanted to learn it all as the story unravelled.  So, no spoilers here either.

If you remember seeing "A New Hope" when it was first released in 1977, then you won't be disappointed.  It's no secret that this is not a complete "green screen" experience.  Full size sets were built (including a Millenium Falcon) and apart from 2000+ CGI effects, there are real life explosions, actors in full body costumes and a totally real feel to the movie.  It has soul, it has magic and.... it has the music of John Williams.

Williams, who scored the original, has once again married the action with music perfectly to bring mood to the party.  From the opening chord, to the final note, the master of movie music has done it again.

What about the returning characters.  All now aged by 30 years (since the end of Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi), Harrison Ford looks like he's having a lot of fun (notwithstanding his ankle injury during filming) and brings Han Solo back to like with the wit, charm and sarcastic humour we know and love.
Carrie Fisher, as the now General Organa, brings that feisty attitude she also had in the original trilogy.
C3-PO and R2-D2 also return (indeed, C3-PO is on fine form) and the new robot BB-8 bring a higher level of 'cuteness' than R2-D2 ever could!

Mention must be made of the other "newcomers" to this franchise, as Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Domnhall Gleeson and Gwendoline Christie are all great.

Finally; here's something I learned the other day - Daniel Craig is also in this movie.  Whilst shooting "Spectre" on a nearby soundstage, he took the opportunity to pull on a Stormtrooper uniform.

His official designation is JB-007 and whilst you don't see his face, his voice is recognisable during a scene with Rey.

I loved this movie.  It had the right amount of humour, plenty of action and whilst it's possible to see this as a stand-alone story, there were more than enough references to the past to pull this well and truly into the fold.  This is "classic" Star Wars.

And the best part - my two, teenage, sons, had the biggest smile on their faces when the music started.  Priceless.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Social Media and Me

or.. Why I don't use Facebook?

I recently received exciting news from a friend, via a message on WhatsApp.  I replied directly, congratulating him.  I later learned that the same news had been shared via Facebook.  Of course, here many others posted their messages of congratulations.  Along with the inevitable "Like" thumbs up.

I don't disagree with the sentiment, but I do wonder how impersonal it is.  Surely it would take just a few seconds extra to send a personal, private, message to say "well done", or "great news".

It's a small gesture, but I believe today we are so wrapped up in social media, to the extent that our lives are broadcast in the moment.  Please, don't get me wrong.  I have been guilty in the past of posting photos of days out, birthday messages etc.  I still post on Twitter; but if it's to someone in particular, then I send a Direct Message to them, and them alone.  Or, I send them a text message.  Maybe even an email.

Social media is terrific for sharing; but it gets quite impersonal.  Monotonous even.  The same people, day in, day out; posting photos of their days out, dogs, cats, achievements, children's achievements...

I totally understand that it's exciting to tell everyone some good news; but what happened to the personal touch.  The days when the "bush telegraph" took over and the news spread via telephone - I think it was called gossip.  Now; it's instant...out there, in your face...

I'm not completely anti social media; it has its uses and I do use it; I post occasionally to Instagram, but use it mainly for following people and interests. 
I also use Google+, mainly for the communities. Again,  I don't feel the need to post all the time.

I don't 'do'  Snapchat; I'm not their target demographic and I don't use Foursquare (does anyone, anymore?)

So,  I'm happy with my life outside social media, just dipping my toe in every now and then.  I certainly don't feel the need to post my daily lives to all and sundry - those I want to know, I tell.

And if I send you a personal message, directly,  it's because I value you as an individual.


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