Monday, August 16, 2010

Platypus - Not just a semi-aquatic mammal

Whenever I hear the word platypus I always think of the strange looking creature, endemic in Australia.

However, when out shopping at the weekend; in a well-known outdoor/camping store, I was introduced to the bladder from the company of the same name.

You may have heard of Camelbak - a company that produces handsfree hydration systems; amongst other products.

Well, Platypus do the same sort of thing, although it's not a full back-pack design.  You have a bladder (the one I chose is 2 litres) and a drinking tube and bite valve.  The concern about the 'plastic' taste was soon dispersed, as the water tasted just as good as usual.  I did fill it from a jug of filtered water - but that's just my preference.

The bite-valve took a bit of getting used to; primarily because you need to synchronise biting and sucking.

On Sunday, it was given a full 'road test' when we visited the Crocky Trail.  Maybe because it was a novelty, or maybe because it was fun, the initial 2 litres was drained quickly; meaning the boys were drinking without being nagged!! I soon had to ask the nice person in the cafe to re-fill it.

We carried the Playtpus in the ruck-sack, which helped to keep the water cool, in the heat of the day.

The road test was successful; and I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces on our holiday in the next few weeks.

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