Friday, August 13, 2010

iPad - Diary and Task Management from Pocket Informant

Boy oh boy! Another review I hear you cry!  This is fast becoming less of a blog and more a place to read reviews about 'stuff'.

I suppose, that's what a blog is, in some respects.

Anyway, I digress, as I want to tell you about an app I have started to use on my iPad.  Whilst I don't lead an amazingly busy life (home - work - home....) it's important that I know what's going on, and, possibly more importantly, keep track of the jobs I need to do.

The iPad has quite a good calendar built in, but it's not amazing; however, there is no ability to manage tasks.  Invariably, if there's a job to do, it shouldn't have to be added as a diary event; even if alarms can be added as reminders!

What's needed is a task managment tool, that's integrated with a calendar / diary so everything is in one place.

Try Pocket Informant from WebIS.  They've been involved with mobile solutions for a long time, and have created Pocket Informant for the iPhone, iPod , BlackBerry as well as Windows Mobile devices.
Unfortunately, it's not compatible with my BlackBerry; otherwise I'd be tempted to include it on there too!

So, what's so good?

Firstly, it's very customisable, so you can get it to work the way you want it.  The calendar can be synced to desktop clients; such as Outlook and to Google Calendar online.  What's more, it will sync with any number of calendars you use, so they can be managed independently.
Of course, you don't need Outlook or Google; and this can be used as a stand alone diary.

Since my main calendar of choice is Google, the ability to add events online and sync with my iPad makes it easy to keep everything in one place.  What's more, you can add notes on either one, after the event is created, and the notes are synchronised too.

Tasks can be set up as projects folders, so you can assign tasks to a project, for example if you are decorating, and need to track the associated jobs (choose paint, buy paint, cover furniture - you get the picture).  Similar to mini project planning.
It's good for one off tasks too; and you can set start dates, end dates, add comments, and if necessary, you can email the task too.  The Contacts on your iPad has been integrated, so you can look up the address you need.

There are all sorts of filters that you can use to manage tasks, making it easier to track those overdue jobs from the less urgent.

I had been using the native iPad calendar until I saw this.  It's great to have tasks and diary events in one place; and now the tasks are presented to me, there's less chance I'll forget.
Of course, it doesn't guaratee they'll get done; but I can't escape the need to do them (or delete them!!)

You can find Pocket Informant at the App Store - and this one isn't free; it's currently a worthy £3.99

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