Monday, July 09, 2007

The Green Issue

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
That's the new mantra these days. Use less. Re-use what we can of what we haven't already used, and recycle the rest, so that someone else has the use of what we bought too much of.

It seems that we are not doing quite as much as we should to 'save the planet'. I fully agree, as I have just noticed how much paper there is in my office. I had to move a mountain of it to find something, and that has prompted me to type this blog.

Household bills. Notes. Magazines (lots of magazines). Brochures. Manuals.

Not to mention the boxes, books, packaging and general accumulation of 'stuff'.

OK. I could stop it all going in the waste, and let it build up and up. That would definitely save the landfill.

Then I'd have nowhere to sit, and wouldn't be able to access my computer, which, by the way, is left on 24/7 - because I have broadband that is "always on". This means more power being used during the day, for no reason. I'm at work all day during the week. So, I could just turn it off.

But then I'd be paying for something that is "always on" but 'Off'!

Stay with me here.

As for the rubbish. Most of it needs to be shredded, to prevent my personal information falling into the hands of identity thieves. I can see them now, prowling around outside the house, waiting for me to put the bins out!

Once I've shredded (which, let me tell you, is going to be a few evenings work to get through the backlog), I then have to put the strips of paper somewhere.
  • A plastic bin liner. Not very green.
  • A cardboard box maybe - labelled as such, so that the collectors take it away.

Alternatively, I could use them to make decorations - but that would be taking recycling a little too far - don't you think?

Now, I like to think that we do our bit for the environment, but isn't it all just common sense?

I admit, the council have made it much easier to recycle, by providing different coloured bins to put our waste in. It's now about educating the children. No - put that in the bin. Now - put that in the green bag, and the bottle in the blue bin.

We also have a waste disposal unit in the sink. This has helped to reduce the volume of waste quite considerably. It also reduces the smell in the kitchen.

I'm considering a composte bin for the garden. It's just that The Wife doesn't want creepy crawlies anywhere near. Personally, I think it's a great idea, and another way to prevent landfill. We should also get a water butt to save the rain water - and there's been enough of that lately to water a few gardens.

So, all in all, recycling isn't difficult. It's jut a mindset sort of thing.

Go on. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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