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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thoughts Of A Tired Man

It's 9 o'clock in the morning.
By rights, I should be fast asleep after getting home at 3.15.
That's right, six hours ago I was leaving the M60 to get home after a marathon 18 hour day in the office.

I should be catching up on some sleep. Recharging my batteries. So, why am I sitting here writing this, with that hazy feeling of cotton wool inside my head?

Personally I think the body is amazing.
  • Take the brain. This mass of cells, each with a task of its own, practically floating inside our skull. The massive network of nerves that send electrical impulses to muscles, which move and act in a totally natural, unconscious way. The way we 'learn' and remember. A filing system bigger than any computer could have.
  • The heart, constantly pumping red blood cells around the arteries, veins and capilliaries, like a huge road network, carrying the necessary oxygen to the organs.
  • The white blood cells waiting to be called into action, should infection occur.
  • Our skeleton holding the organs in place, and containing much needed nutrients to help us remain healthy.
  • Our lungs, consistently inflating and deflating as we breathe in the air around us.
  • The skin, itself a mass of cells, holding everything together, keeping the weather out, whilst at the same time helping to regulate the temperature within.
  • Our eyes, ears, nose.
  • Our mouth. Teeth. Even our tongue is divided into sections to help us appreciate the taste of food.
We need to sleep. All day long our bodies are working. Sleep helps it to regenerate. Our brains take the opportunity to file away our thoughts, our memories. Without rest, we become fractious as we 'fight' to keep going. How much rest we need is always in debate. I like my sleep, but others can recharge their batteries in a few hours.

So why, after a relatively short sleep, has my body decided that I've had enough and I awake to another day?

Thankfully, I'm not going to work today. I don't think I could manage the journey. So I will take it slowly, and I'll have an early night.

Our body is amazing. It's important that we look after it, as it has been 'designed' to look after us.
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