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Monday, July 02, 2007

8 out of 8

Good morning. Welcome to the first post of July. I'd like to say it's a bright, sunny morning. Only it isn't. It's wet and miserable with the temperature just above 15 degrees.
However, if you are in the Lewis Hamilton household, it's probably hot, hot, hot. After taking 3rd place in yesterdays French Grand Prix (the last at Magny Cours), and taking his 8th podium finish, out of 8 races, Lewis has stretched his championship lead to 14 points. He is now the first British driver, since Damon Hill, to go into the Silverstone round ahead in the championship.
It must be said that McLaren have some work to do though. The Prancing Horse found it's feet yesterday and trumped the British outfit, proven when Raikkonen took the second place at the start of the first lap. It's down to Halfords for Ron Dennis, to get some fresh parts!

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Did you see Concert for Diana. It was a great show, with some terrific acts - Rod Stewart seemed to be enjoying himself; especially kicking the footballs into the crowd. Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. My only gripe was the television presentation. Whilst it was 'live' and therefore gaps were expected, why was the sound faded out at the end of an act. I would have thought hearing the cheering and clapping was part of the atmosphere.
It's parents evening tonight, so we'll hear what the teachers think of the boys progress at school. Personally, I think they're doing quite well. In fact, that was my reasoning for buying a Nintendo Wii at the weekend. I wanted to say 'well done' to them.
It's a great little machine, and the concept is quite a clever one. I was happily playing tennis, bowling and baseball, and Number One was enjoying the boxing. I just need to get the Wii Play game (it comes with a controller, making it a cheap way to get the remote. No-one has stock, so I've placed a bid on eBay.
That's it for now. Need to do some work, so I'll write more soon.
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