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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chocolate Wars : Galaxy v Dairy Milk

Chocolate.  The word alone evokes such strong emotions, and from humble beginnings, is now a multi-billion pound industry.
Millions of bars of the brown and white stuff are sold around the world, with a multitude of different fillings.

Two of the biggest sellers are Cadbury Dairy Milk and Galaxy.

Indeed, people have a preference of one over the other.  So, in the interest of research (yeah!) I have decided to submit my taste buds to the two bars.

As someone who will happily eat chocolate from a box, without checking what it is, I may not be the best person to give an opinion.  However, I'll do my best.

Here they are, tempting in the relevant corporate colours, both of them saying "eat me!"

Before I unwrap them, let's just look at the packaging.

The first point to note is that the Galaxy bar, whilst physically bigger, is 125g.
Cadbury actually feels heavier at 140g.

At a glance it's difficult to compare the various calories, sugars etc; mainly because Galaxy show it per piece (4.2g).  Cadbury show it per portion; which they deem to be 3 pieces.

However, per 100g, the numbers are quite remarkable - take a look at these:

                                 Cadbury              Galaxy
Energy kJ                  2200                    2270
kcal                           525                      544
Protein                      7.5g                      6.6g
Carbohydrate            57g                      56.1g
Fat                            29.8g                   32.5g
of which Saturates   18.5g                   19.4g
Fibre                         0.7g                     1.5g
Sodium                     0.09g                   0.11g

On the face of it, Cadburys looks slightly better(!!) for you; although it can't be denied that a little of what you fancy does you no harm.  Both bars are suitable for vegetarians.

So, now to the taste test.

I will start with Galaxy; for no other reason than I don't normally eat it, so this will be a new taste, before the familiar Dairy Milk.

My first thought is that it smells light. Letting one, single, chunk melt in my mouth, I can taste a creamy texture, which is quite soft and delicate.  It's a truly great taste.

Moving on to Cadburys, I have to admit, this is my usual bar of choice.  Some might say that I will be biased because of this, but I will give an honest account.

The individual chunks are larger, by some mile.  It takes an age to melt, but the strong chocolatey taste immediately takes control.  Compared to the Galaxy, this is not as smooth; something that Galaxy actually promote on the wrapping as "Smooth Milk".

If I'm being honest, both bars have a distinct taste, making it impossible to declare a preference either way.

So, will I declare a winner?  Personally, I will stay with Cadbury; however, if I were to be offered a piece of Galaxy, I won't say no!
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