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Monday, July 26, 2010

Lewis Hamilton on BBC Top Gear

Last weekend has to be one of the best episodes of Top Gear; ever!!
Yeah! It's a good show; funny, fast and furious; with much tongue-in-cheek reporting.

It wasn't the VW article, not even the Bugatti SuperSport - which went bloomin' fast!!

Nope.  The best bit was the tribute paid to one of the all-time Formula 1 greats - Ayrton Senna.

Lewis Hamilton has always said that his hero was the Brazilian driver, who took driving genius to new heights.  Now he got the chance to drive the very same McLaren MP4-4 once driven by Senna.

This television was worth the licence fee all on its own.

Here's the clip of Lewis driving the car.  You can tell that he is genuinely over the moon to be given this opportunity; almost giddy with excitement; like a kid in a sweetshop!

Thank you BBC

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