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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Applications for my iPad

My recent post about the iPad was, seemingly, quite well received, in terms of the number of readers, and I did say I would write about some of the apps available.

To be absolutely clear, the applications mentioned here are pure iPad apps. That is, they are not iPhone/iPod apps that need to be scaled up.
These have been engineered from the ground up, to take advantage of the larger screen size.

Firstly, and the one I use the most, is Feeddler (yes, that is spelt right!)
It's a newsreader, that is sync'd with my Google Reader account. This makes it easier to get the news and articles I am interested in, delivered to the iPad, so I can read whenever.
The benefit of this means that I don't need to be connected to the Internet, so as long as I synchronize before leaving my wi-fi connection, then I can read anywhere.

For something different, try MultiPong

It's a lot of fun.

Last time I mentioned Amazon Kindle - this is a free app, that allows you to buy books to download.  The benefit is that the books are priced in US dollars, so they work out cheaper than Apples own iBooks (which has quite a poor catalogue to choose from).

Finally, I'll mention DocsToGo.
Those of you with a BlackBerry will recognise this, as it comes pre-installed on their phone.  The application for the iPad allows you to synchronise documents with Google Docs, so it's possible (although not always easy) to keep a single document updated.
I use Google Docs quite a lot - it means I can access them anywhere, but by downloading them to my iPad, I can work on them remotely, and upload again when back in range of wi-fi.

All in all, these are my apps of choice, but I must admit to having a whole range of other apps; like Google Earth, the live timings app, plus games too.

It remains a terrific device, which is useful as well as being an expensive 'toy'!
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