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Friday, July 01, 2011

Thespian Tendencies

It might have escaped your notice that I was recently in a show!  It was an amateur production; songs from the shows, sketches; that sort of thing.

I say it was amateur; only in that we did it for the love of it.  However, the professionalism shown by everyone involved, in conjunction with the theatre where we put it on; made it a highly polished show.

It was the first time I had ever been involved in anything quite like it; being the shy, retiring, type that I am!!

So, I went to the first meeting; attended the auditions, and rehearsals.  There was certainly some commitment needed, and towards the opening night, tiredness creeped in with the later nights.  The people were wonderful; and I was accepted into the group straight away - I met some extraordinary people.

BUT - it was amazing. I had an fantastic time and learned a lot.

I learned that I can step up and do these things.  It gave me a new level of confidence.
There was another reason for doing this; I wanted to show my children that it is possible to do it - with a little (alright, a lot) of effort, you can be part of something great. I wanted them to see that performing is nothing to be afraid of.

When the curtain opened, the butterflies were fluttering around; however, after the start, I just enjoyed myself.  I hope that enjoyment came across.  The audience seemed to soak up the acts; the solos, the big chorus numbers and the sketches.

The show ran for three nights; and it was a shame when it ended.  However, the reviews and feedback were fantastic.

I'm looking forward to hearing about their next production; who knows, maybe I'll get involved in that too.  Apparently I look quite good in eye-liner!!!

Co-incidentally, this week my son has been in his school play - I'm off to see it on Monday night.  By all accounts, it's a great play, and all the children have worked very hard too.  He has worked hard rehearsing his lines at home and I can't wait to see it. I know he'll make me proud.

Have you ever taken part in a show, large or small?  What was your motivation for doing it?  Would you do it again?
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