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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Formula 1 Update

Well, it seems that Sebastian Vettel is not invincible, and I'll bet there were strong words for the pit crew, who effectively ended his chances of winning the British Grand Prix.

Mind you, I bet Jenson wasn't too impressed either, as one of the McLaren boys forgot to tighten the wheel-nut, forcing him to retire.  That was a shame, because he was doing OK, and in the mix.

As for Lewis Hamilton, he drove a blinding good race, even if he did have to preserve his fuel supply.  The team told him to slow down; but he kept the pressure on, and had a final, grand, battle with Massa, right down to the chequered flag.

Mark Webber, who qualified on pole, failed to take advantage, and after a solid race, even catching team mate Vettel, was told to hold position in second, and not try to overtake.  He finished third, but I bet he's feeling aggrieved at not being allowed to challenge for second.

All in all, it was an interesting weekend at Silverstone; the new pit straight, the Wing and, even though I wasn't there, the atmosphere, makes it a special place to go racing.
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