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Friday, July 22, 2011

Google+ v Facebook - The Experiment Continues

Last Friday,I took the unilateral decision to quit facebook. For a week.
It was quite irrational, and there was quite a reaction; but, the question is, have I regretted it?

Like many others, I have started to use Google+, a new social  interaction platform.  It's clean, crisp, and there is a  multitude of potential.  There is, however, a however...

Inviting people to join is a big task - most are entrenched in their ways; and there are times I have missed out on seeing what people are up to.  Thanks to an extension in Google+, I can now view status updates within Google+ so I don't need to miss out anymore.

But; and here it is; I haven't missed the inane games (and being asked for help to achieve levels) and ridiculous adverts.  My news feed (the Stream) contains mostly of stuff I want to see; and I can filter it, to see the people (Circles) I'm interested in.

This isn't meant to be a promotion for Google+; now I've been using it for over a week, it's more of an informed article about what it offers.

With Google+ anyone (and I mean anyone) can join another conversation and not feel bad for chipping in.  It's open and friendly.  You can join in conversations with people you don't have an association with - usually, by the end of it; you're in each others circles.

I like the fact I can post a one-line comment (similar to Twitter) or post a whole paragraph (as much as I want!)

There has been much discussion about Google+ over the last week; as more people have joined in.

So, here are my 10 reasons why you should try Google+ :

  1. It's open and friendly
  2. Easy to control your Circle of friends
  3. Private messaging available - to just one person, or a select few
  4. Control which Circle your friends are in - they can be in more than one
  5. Easily filter what you want to see; either everything, or just one Circle; it's up to you
  6. Photo uploads to web albums
  7. You have control over what people see
  8. "Meet" a wide range of people
  9. Hangouts - Real-time video calls with up to 10 other people
  10. Sparks - A way to find articles on the web that interest you, and you can freely share them amongst your Circles

Circles seems to be the biggest, single advantage of Google+ over facebook.  This is how Google promote them.  You can find out more at

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