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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Attack of the Midges

Last weekend we planned to go camping. The car was packed up, and as soon as the boys were home from school and changed, we set off.

The chosen destination was in a village called Keld, right at the north end of the Yorkshire Dales; in Richmondshire.

The journey, for the most part, was uneventful, along the M6 motorway , to junction 38.  Then things became a little more interesting.  We turned off, onto a single-lane track, and for the next 7 miles, the journey was akin to a fairground roller-coaster, with roadkill for show.

Of course, not knowing where we were going on heightened the atmosphere in the car, as we had no idea how long it would go on for!

Needless to say, we arrived at the campsite and selected our spot.  This was carefully selected so as not to be too far from the conveniences (well, you don't want to traipse too far in the night!)
However, there was one drawback, which we only discovered as we were putting the tent up - midges!!

Thousands of the blighters, swarming all around us.  At first I ignored them, but I could feel them in my hair and around my ears.  Although it was warm, I resorted to wearing a long-sleeved hoody. With the hood up.

Too late. Bites appeared on my left hand (bizzarely, my right hand was unscathed!)  It wasn't until later when I realised the extent of the attack!  I did consider posting a photo of the bites; but I didn't want to ruin your appetite!!

We lit campfires, in an effort to keep them at bay.  No use.  The evening was becoming ever more unbearable.  Shame really, the site wasn't bad at all.

The following morning, it looked as though I'd taken a  red pen and stabbed dots up my arms, around my neck and behind my ears.  They weren't ichy, just very unsightly.

It got me to thinking; where in the grand scheme of things, do midges fit in? What is their point?

We had a walk in the morning, but our minds were made up.  We didn't want to remain company with the midges, and decided to pack up a day early.  It hasn't put us off camping; in fact we're already looking at where to go next.  Wherever it is, I will be armed with midge spray.
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