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Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Elementary....

This weekend, we will see the final episode in the current series of Sherlock, on BBC1.

I love this series.  In true, BBC style, it has very high production values, is well shot; the stories are great (even if there are glaring plot holes) and the acting is sublime.

I take my (deerstalker) hat off to Benedict Cumberbatch, for his portrayal of the famous detective, and Martin Freeman is excellent as his sidekick, Watson.

With the third series wrapping up; and with the announcement that there are plans for a forth and fifth series, I thought I'd ask the question - modern or historical?

There's been a sort of renaissance with Sherlock Holmes, as not only have the Beeb done their bit; but Hollywood has also got involved; albeit with the historical setting and costume.

Robert Downey Jnr (he who wears an Iron suit) along with Jude Law, resurrected the character in a couple of big screen outings.  Now, these were great fun, lots of bang for your buck, with the wit and charm all included.  But - is this better than the high-brow, clever scripting of the Sherlock we've been watching on television?

Is it better, or just different?  Maybe they're both as good as each other, but to be taken with different points of view.

The dark, mystical, on-the-spectrum character; played by Cumberbatch, or the frivolous, comical and less serious version; as played by Downey Jnr?

Personally; I prefer the television version, for no other reason than it is just brilliantly written, acted, directed and produced; and there is depth of character and light humour in equal measure.  What more can you ask for on a cold, dark, winter night.

Here's the trailer for "His Last Vow" - Sunday 8:30pm on BBC 1

Now, dear reader.  It's over to you...


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