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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Reaching Out

I've decided to try to push this blog further into the blogosphere. It's time to go public.

Since I started this, at the beginning of the year, it's only been between me and you, but the time has come to try to get this further out there.

So, now you can subscribe via an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication). Without getting too technical, this means you can use a reader, such as Feedburner, or add it to the likes of Google or Yahoo, and the updates will be posted for you to read at your leisure.

Alternatively, you can subscribe through the wonders of email. Just enter your email address in the boxout on the right and follow the instructions. Updates to this blog will then be delivered, automatically, to your inbox.

I've also added a link on my profile page on Facebook.

I'll keep you updated on how this is going, and feedback on numbers!
Whilst I am keeping an eye on the weather forecast for this weekend, I haven't really mentioned the current state of the Great British Summer.

You've probably read it in the papers, but hailstorms in July is not my idea of fun, and driving home in the pouring rain, EVERY night this week has been hard going. So much so, that I had to stop at the services the other evening for a rest.
I got one. Eventually. Wii Play has arrived and Number One was ecstatic. The bid on eBay fell through, so I checked around and found stock in Argos. So, I reserved one and picked it up this evening on my way home from work. We had a quick play before bedtime, and it looks a lot of fun. I think 2-player will be quite exciting...
That's all for now.
Although I realise that the posts are going to have to become a little more interesting and less self-absorbed if I want to attract a regular audience.
However, there is always the forum to feedback - just click on the comments link below.
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