Friday, July 20, 2007

First Contact

The day has arrived that many have been waiting for. The final installment of the Harry Potter stories reaches the bookshelves at midnight.
Entitled "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". Of course, at the moment, no-one knows what to expect, so I can't comment. Although JK Rowling has said that a couple of characters will die.
I hope the postman remembers to deliver my copy in the morning.
Tomorrow is exciting in another way. You may remember some time ago I was all set to have laser surgery on my eyes. Well, that idea was scuppered by The Wife and my parents. So, I am going to get contact lenses. Yesterday evening, I was helped by a friend, who is an optician, to see if I could put the lenses in. It was quite a success, suprisingly. So, I have booked an appointment for a consultation tomorrow, and will hopefully become a contact lens wearer very soon.
Planning to see "The Transformers" tomorrow night. Will probably be going with my brother-in-law and wife. Both of The Boys want to see it, and as it is a 12A, I will take the opportunity to check it beforehand.
So - have a good weekend.

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