Friday, July 06, 2007

Grand Prix Fever

The free practice sessions today saw Ferrari dominate the McLarens, however as we don't know the setup of the cars, it doesn't really matter until tomorrows qualifying.

Yet another team has been embroiled in the saga surrounding team secrets etc. It seems a shame that Lewis' results are being undermined by those who are jealous of his achievements. Just let the talented 22 year old get on with his job. He has proved he has the pace, whilst at one point today being the fastest on the track.
I have just checked the weather report and it is looking really good for the rest of the weekend. I might even need to take some sun cream with!

Click here to see the latest forecast for Towcester, from the BBC.
On Monday, it is The Wifes birthday, and as I won't be around on Sunday, I have decided to forgo my lie-in tomorrow morning. It will give me the chance to get the boys to write the birthday cards, and at some point tomorrow we will have to go and buy a present - but what?

Answers on a postcard - or by clicking the link below.
So, an early night, in preparation for a long(ish) day tomorrow. There probably won't be any more blogs until after Sunday (can't think why, I must be busy...).
If you're going to watch the race on TV, then let's hope it's a good one.

Sleep well and enjoy the weekend.

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