Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Films made in 3D are gimmicks. Discuss.

Wow! My last post really set the cat amongst the pidgeons!!  Not only through the comments, but verbally as well!! Lucky I have broad shoulders!!

Apparently 3D films are not gimmicks!!  Having said that, why are the only films made in 3D aimed, quite squarely, at the children's market?

I'm not sure a deep, thoughtful film, or action / thriller would have quite the same impact if it were made in 3D.  The audience would be too busy putting on and taking off the 'goggles' at the relevant sequences; and, I think miss much of the film in the process.

So, whilst I am the first to try new technology, and applaud the film-makers for doing something different; until I can sit in the cinema and watch a film, without having to (a) wear special glasses and (b) looking for the on-screen markers to tell me when to do so, then I will watch, and hopefully enjoy, the 2D version.

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