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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Nintendo Update - Good and Bad

Not quite sure where to start here. This blog is becoming a bit like a technology review. On Friday I looked at Viigo for BlackBerry, one of the best applications by far. I downloaded another application yesterday, for tracking calls, and once I've experienced it, I'll review here.

However, last night I discovered that Nintendo (the favourite gaming console manufacturer aimed at families) has updated the software on the DSi, and this now longer allows flashcarts to be used.

So, if you have one of these

You'll no longer be able to use one of these

Now, I admit that downloading games isn't fair on the hard work that the developers put in to creating some of the amazing games out there; however, the R4i was able to be used for multi-media as well (listening to music, watching films) and this avenue has now been closed off.

I'm sure that there will be a 'dance' between the 'geeks' and Nintendo, as more holes are found, and subsequently patched.

It's interesting that this 'development' wasn't promoted by Nintendo in their recent press release, which chose to focus on new functionality within the same release.
Now it's possible to upload photos taken on the DSi to Facebook.
I'm not sure if this is a positive move - let's face it, the DSi is primarily aimed at youngsters, who don't use Facebook (or am I kidding myself!) and therefore the use of this service will be limited.
On the other hand, I own a DSi, and I have a Facebook account, so maybe it will come in use - however, it can only be done where there is access to Wi-Fi.

The main crux of this is, if you like to buy DSiWare (and some of the games are quite good) then you will have no option but to update the software. If you don't, and have an R4i full of goodies, then don't do the system update voluntarily.
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