Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Scribblenauts - Preview Of Game for Nintendo DS

More reviews - this is becoming a bit of a habit. To be honest, this is not so much a review; more a preview; since I haven't seen or experienced this game yet.

It's not out until the middle of September, but I believe this will be a smash-hit when it's released for the Nintendo DS.

Scribblenauts is the story of Maxwell, who has to reach a starite by solving puzzles. According to the games developers, 5thCell;

The premise is simple: The player uses the touch-screen to help Maxwell acquire the star in each level (apparently there are 220 of them) by solving a series of puzzles.
The twist is, in order to solve each puzzle, the players use the notepad to write objects that are used. Think of anything, write it down and watch it come alive! Write Anything, Solve Everything!

Features of the game are:

  • Bring any noun to life by writing or typing it in the notepad!

  • All objects behave as they would in real life.

  • Flee from aggressive monsters, save a fairy princess, or swim under the ocean with a mighty whale! Whatever you imagine will come alive!

  • Hundreds of unique scenarios that range from simple (get the Starite out of a tree!) to complex mechanic based puzzles.

  • Solve puzzles in dozens of completely unique ways.

  • Numerous environments, multiple game modes, and unlockable content provide a lasting and enjoyable experience!

This was a 'sleeper' success at E3 recently, and I am waiting, with bated breath, to get my hands on it.

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