Thursday, January 25, 2007

Date: 25 January 2007
Time: 20:55
Place: Home

Warm at last. Well it would be wouldn't it. My wife believes in heating the whole house. The kids are in bed. We're in one room, and the temperature is stifling!
Still - beats freezing my backside in the office.

Oh, what a day. Started in the office at 7:45. Finished in the office at 5:35 and made my way to another site. Finished there at 6:45 before heading home (a 1 hour journey) and stopping on the way to get some fish and chips.

I was thinking about them since lunchtime. Maybe it's the Slimfast diet. It works wonders, but I do like a big meal in the evening.

So, shall I bring you up to date with our news. Won't take long. I don't have a social life. The children, mind you, well they're non-stop. The Family Taxi has the meter running constantly!

Time: 20:59 - A fav TV programme is due to start, so I'm off.

Sleep well.

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