Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My first wireless...

At last. The central heating has been fixed, and normality is restored. Thanks to the British Gas engineer who, when he got here, resolved the issue. Thanks also to my brother-in-law who helped the diagnosis which meant the gas man wasn't here long.

Now; in today's blog I want to extol the virtues of digital radio. Last week I decided to treat myself to a DAB (that's Digital Audio Broadcast if you didn't know) radio. Tesco. £29.99.

OK. So it's cheap, and I was taking a risk. But, I switched it on, it ran it's setup, found all the stations it could, and I set the programmable buttons. Easy.
And the quality? Great? I've never heard Radio 5 Live so crisp - so that's how it's meant to sound!
BBC 7 - tremendous fun. Comedy. Drama. Wonderful. Alright, so there is much more than the BBC, and I intend to delve in and find some little gems.

I know there are more expensive models available, and ones where you can pause live radio (a bit like the audio version of Sky+) and some where you can set the time to record specific programmes, but for 30 quid, it's a great way to dip a toe in the digital radio water and see how it is. Next time (don't tell the wife) maybe I will spend a little more on a radio with more features. Right now, I don't need it.

That's all for today. Not a rant in sight.

Sleep well.

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