Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another Week Over...

So, that's another weekend almost over, and the bell will ring again to signal the start of another motorway marathon.

BTW - I completely forgot to regale you with our boiler system issues. It stared last weekend, when we woke Saturday morning to discover that the heating had been on all night, and the house was almost sauna-like.
I checked the timer, and it all showed that the heating was off. Then I heard the boiler fire up.
So - we called British Gas (with whom we have a contract). They got very excited and said "you have a runaway boiler, someone will be with you within the hour".
Very prompt, we thought, until they advised that this is not good news, and we may have to evacuate the house!

Transco duly arrived, checked everything out, then switched off the boiler and put a notice on it - Do Not Use. Apparently, a British Gas engineer will call - "anytime, could be 2am!).

So, no heating and no hot water. Charming.

My brother-in-law is a plumber - so we called him. He had a good look, and between us we decided the fault lay with the timer - as it had been knocked, and there was possibly a loose connection.

All was repaired, the boiler was re-started, and we tested the theory. Hurrah. The boiler fired up, and when we switched it off at the timer, it stopped.
Problem solved; and without being woken in the middle of the night.

Anyway - to bore you further. It happened again yesterday.
My brother-in-law came round again today. Had the timer in pieces. Had a good look at the boiler and decided, again, that it must be timer at fault and not the boiler.

He was 'happy' that the thermostat was working correctly, because the boiler switched off when the temperature had been reached. So - no further panic. Except the fuel bill is going to be astronomic. At least we're warm.

British Gas are coming on Tuesday to have a look. I'll give them all the details, and hopefully it'll be a quick diagnosis and fix. At least I can give them some information to help them. With the contract in place - it shouldn't cost anything either.

So there you are. A very long post about central heating, British Gas and late night callers.

I'll keep you posted on what happens next.

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