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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Review - The Adjustment Bureau

Are you the type of person who believes in fate?  Do you think that your life is already mapped out; that your future is pre-destined?

The Adjustment Bureau takes this premise, and turns it into an altogether not too bad film.

Matt Damon plays David Norris, a politician on the brink of a place in the US Senate.  Emily Blunt plays Elise, the British love interest; a dancer.  They meet in unconventional circumstances, and it's pretty much love at first sight.

Unfortunately, in this case, the path of true love really doesn't run easily; as The Adjustment Bureau are called in to get Norris' life back 'on plan'.  They carry electronic notebooks that show his path; and if he deviates, they do whatever is necessary to get him back on track.

It's a compelling story; and whilst the ending is predictable enough, there are plenty of twists and turns along the way.

This is the directorial debut for George Nolfi; who also wrote it.  However, he has good pedigree, with the screenplay for "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "The Sentinel" to his name.  He also wrote "Oceans Twelve".

It's based on a short story by Philip K Dick called "Adjustment Team"

The thing is; are they real, or are they angels sent to make sure we follow the path that's been set for us.

It's fun, with some good action (not on the Bourne scale though) and not too deep.  It's definitely worth watching; if only for the effects as they pass through the doors (but that's all I'm saying).

Now - do you believe your life is mapped out?

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