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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Review - The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared

I've become a little bit of a Kindle fiend.... I love it.

I haven't always been keen - see my post from 2 years ago, where I deliberated the pros and cons of e-readers.  Of, course, things have changed quite considerably since then.

I love the small, compact size, and I love that I can have different books to suit different moods, all in one place.
I also love the fact that it's so easy (too easy?) to buy a book; or two.

No waiting for the postman; it's just a question of being connected.

There are also many treasures to be found, which, had I been to a bookshop may not have noticed - and the pricing of some of them is truly remarkable.

Towards the end of last year I read "The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared".

Written by Jonas Jonasson; this is another example of a Scandinavian author making it big in the wider world (Steig Larsson and Jo Nesbo are two others that spring to mind).

The story centres around Allan Karlsson, a young-at-heart centarian, who decided he doesn't want the fuss and bother of a birthday party, to celebrate his 100 years, so he quite literally jumps out of his bedroom window and wanders off.

Triggering a manhunt, what then follows are the many twists and turns of adventure; with much of the book focussing on his past; as well as the current situation.

It's a funny story; heart-warming, and poignant all at the same time.
The detail about his past includes meeting real head of state and personalities from history; and whilst they are real, the stories are undoubtably fiction (I hope!)

This is a man who has no fear, and just likes the simple things in life.  His attitude to living is simple - just get on with it...

At the time of writing, this book is just 20p on Amazon Kindle.... at 400 pages long, it's not a small book; but you won't want to put it down.

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