Thursday, March 29, 2007

Catch Up

Last weekend, I had a blast (quite literally) at LaserQuest. It was Number One Son's birthday, and he and a few of his friends battled it out in the smoky and noisy environment of the battleground. And I joined in. What fun.

He had a great birthday, and received some really good presents.

The re-modelling of the bathroom got underway on Monday. Everything has now been delivered; the tiles, the suite, the lino and all the other bits and pieces. A skip now resides on the driveway, slowly filling with the old tiling, suite, and other stuff that we want to throw away.
I'll post some pictures here soon.

The diet was started again. I want to lose some more weight before our holiday. I don't want to look like a beached whale.

I also went to the gym last night and had a swim. Not a long swim, but enought to make me feel better. I got home to find they had called about my membership, so I'll need to follow that up today.

My mobile phone is playing up. It can't latch onto the Vodafone network, and means no-one can get in touch. What a shame!
It also means my beloved TomTom can't communicate to update the traffic status; which I've come to rely on for my journeys to and from work.

Well - must get on and do a days work.

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