Sunday, April 01, 2007

And The Wall Came Tumbling Down

Just a quick update on the bathroom, now that the wall has been removed, we can now see the space we'll have.

It's encouraging, and I've added a photo to embelish the point.

The dark line down the left side is where the wall was, and in the background you can see the outlet for the toilet. Just above the toilet is a window. This wall was the original external wall, before the extension was built, and therefore will, once again, be boarded up.


As for the weekend. The Wife has worked hard to get the house clean for Pesach, and I've worked hard building a Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer - and yes, I've had to include a photo of that as well...

Okay - so you can't see much - but it took 2 days to build and is worth every penny.

Right. Gotta go. 24 is about to start; then Lost.

Good telly on Sundays.

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