Monday, April 30, 2007


Yep, it's the last day of April (where is the year going?) and I got paid today.

What's more, the bathroom has now been painted, and some of the floorboards have been replaced. The plan tomorrow, apparently, is for the electrician to do his stuff, and the bath to be installed.

Then, the tiling, then the flooring. We should really start to see some changes now. But, I've included an up to date pic so you can see where we're at.

Just watched the latest episode from 'Lost'. Wow. What a great show, and the cliffhanger is terrific. I've just updated my iPod with the latest podcast 'The Lost Initiative'. Fans discuss the theories and the goings on about what's happening on the island. It's totally over the top, but a great listen.
Had a lovely weekend, and we went cycling in Heaton Park yesterday. Even I got my bike out and went for a ride.

On Saturday, I bought a bike carrier, so we can take the bikes away to Center Parcs. It works out cheaper than hiring them, and also means we don't have to queue for ages.
We also went swimming, so overall, a very keep fit kinda weekend.
That's about it really. I'm off for an early night. I stayed up and watched "The Sting" last night. A great film with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. If you've not seen it - watch it. The music is also fantastic, with one of my all time favourites, "The Entertainer", played beautifully on the piano.

Sleep well.

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