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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Center Parcs - Here we come...

Finally, it's just a month until our annual trip to Center Parcs.

The Wife has written a list of all the things we need to take. I'm a little concerned that the kitchen sink is being left behind! Given everything else on the list, it would be easier to bring Center Parcs to us...

But really, it's fantastic fun, with lots of fresh air, swimming, walking and cycling.

We're waiting for the pack that they send, which has all the activities in, so we can pre-book.
The boys will go to club, and I think Number One is interested in doing the archery this year.
I quite fancy doing scuba diving, so I might book that.

Then we'll take it in turns for a boys night / girls night, with the other half babysitting.

What's more, it won't matter what the weather is like, we always go prepared. And so what if it rains. We can just go to the pool, and get wet there.

This is beginning to sound like an advert for the place, but this is our 5th time, so it must be good.
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