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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Two Sleeps To Go

First of all, without the wish to bore you, but it's only 2 more sleeps until we go to Center Parcs. I found it on Google Earth the other day, and showed the boys where we're going. The clarity is amazing, and it was exciting to see the pool, the playgrounds, villas and surrounding areas.
Tomorrows Monaco Grand Prix looks like it's going to be an exciting one. Lewis Hamilton did an amazing job, and was just beaten to pole, by his team mate, Fernando Alonso. Massa did well to come back - but it's an all McLaren front row, and it would be amazing if Lewis pulled off his maiden F1 victory here. I'd have a bet, but the odds would be rubbish now.
The Baby is going to his first birthday party tomorrow. He hasn't got a clue, but The Wife is looking forward to it.
Going to pack the car in the afternoon, so we can make an early start on Monday. So lots of packing to do during the day, to make sure we've got everything.
Possibly going to see Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End, tomorrow night, with my brother-in-law. Still to be confirmed, and the boys will be very jealous. They've got a pack of Top Trumps from the last Pirates film, and they want to see this film as well. It's rated as a 12A, but I'll see it first, to check it out.
Right - time to go to bed, for the first of the last 2 sleeps. If I don't write again for a week - please forgive me. I'll report on the holiday when we return.
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