Friday, May 18, 2007

Quote Me Happy...

At last - Friday.
I was quoted by the BBC today. On their "Have Your Say" page they had a thread called "What is your favourite beach".

I couldn't resist - "You can't beat the beaches in Bournemouth. During the summer, I used to walk along the beach to get to work in Bournemouth town centre. On a beautiful sunny day, when the crowds have yet to descend onto the sands, it's a lovely place to be. So peaceful. Just the sound of the waves lapping onto the beach. Happy memories. "

Anyway - later I went back to the "Have Your Say" page, to see if there were any new discussions, and at the top there was my quote "You can't beat the beaches in Bournemouth." Attributed to me as well.
Chuffed? I should co co.
So, it's the weekend, the weather forecast doesn't look all that good, so need to think of something to keep the kids busy. Maybe their cousins can come round to play.
Even better - we could go to them and save the mess!!
There will be karate on Sunday, which they both enjoy, and maybe we'll go swimming (if there are no parties).
I'll report back after the weekend.
Enjoy yourselves.

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