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Monday, May 14, 2007

Go Lewis... Go Lewis

Wow - what a race. Lewis Hamilton. What an amazing young man. Now, that wasn't meant to sound condescending, but c'mon. At 22 years, he is leading the Formula 1 world championship, in his debut year, and the next race is Monace. He hasn't lost in Monaco.
I have never known a Grand Prix season like it.

So what else can I tell you. I wasn't well over the weekend, but feel a whole lot better now.

The bathroom is nearly finished. Just the basin to be plumbed in and that's it.

Oh yeah - and I've re-arranged my eye appointment. The name of the company is Optimax. They have places all over the country, and this is in the centre of Manchester. It costs £600 less than the quoted price, and someone I know had their eyes done last week at the same place.
Bought the surgery on eBay! Actually, I just called them and asked for the eBay price and jobs done.

Only 2 weeks to Center Parcs. I've completed the online pre-registration, which will speed things up when we arrive. I can't wait for the scuba diving. But then there's also the zip wire, swimming, archery and laser fight. (What is it with me and lasers!) Hopefully, we'll all have a great time.

Right, time to do a little more studying, then it's to bed for a good nights sleep.
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