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Friday, May 04, 2007

Wonder of Wonders

I'm so excited... apparently my course materials have arrived, so now I can work towards my the PRINCE2 foundation exam. It will add another string to my bow - and another qualification on my CV.
Before I forget, I wanted to tell you about a small show we're going to see next weekend. "The Gruffalos' Child" is being put on at The Lowry, and my cousin is the director of the theatre group putting the show on. Tall Stories has been going since 1996, and has had productions Off-Broadway in New York.

Anyway, they did The Gruffalo, the production of which can be bought on DVD, and now the follow-up story is heading north.

I'm so proud of her, and we're looking forward to seeing the next show.
The electricians turned up today - so now there is light in the bathroom.
Miracles never cease, and I can't wait to see them.
The Center Parcs information pack arrived today, so now we can book our activities. The Boys already appear to have a busy schedule, with Fencing and Archery amongst them. Some friends are coming round this evening to have a look and choose.
That's it.

It's nearly the weekend, so relax and enjoy.
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