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Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy St Georges' Day

Here we go again. You'll notice from the time of this blog, that I'm up early ready to attack another day.
The weather is looking very overcast, although we've come to expect more from April.

Yesterday was my nephews birthday party. He's 2 today. There was a bouncy castle in the garden, and thankfully it didn't rain, so the boys threw themselves around a bit.

My brother-in-law is due to restart the bathroom project, now that his wife is home, with their newborn. She is so tiny (the newborn, not the wife).

I took Number Two for a short bike ride yesterday. Well, he wanted some exercise, and he needs to get more confident. However, I did notice that the saddle is a little too low, so his knees come up to his chin, as he pedals. I'll sort that out next weekend.

Number Three is extremely active now, seemingly being able to get anywhere. Now he can kneel up at the table in the lounge, that area of safety is no longer.
So last week I forgot to mention my latest fuel bill. A HUGE £700 for one quarter. Followed by a letter from Powergen, telling me that my monthly direct debits were being raised to £287. Ouch.
I called them, and we finally managed on a £160 monthly DD, but I had to settle £200 up front! I know fuel prices had risen (and are about to drop again) but that was crazy. And I gave the readings, so it wasn't even an estimated bill.
On the spread betting front, I'm not going to get too greedy this week. I have read some articles, done more research, and am going to put a plan in place. Nice and steady.

It wasn't a good week on the shares front either. But by close of business on Friday, the markets had rallied, and now my holding is at its highest point. So, good news there.
Right, that's a quick update for you. I'm going to gather my stuff togethere, and head off to work.

There'll be more later in the week.
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