Friday, November 27, 2009

Annual Insurance Renewal

It's the time of year when the house insurance is due for renewal.
A couple of weeks ago the renewal notice dropped onto the mat, and when I opened it, I almost fainted.  OK - that's a little dramatic, but the premium had increased OVER £200 on the previous year!

Shall I tell you who it is?  Mm.... I'll think about it.

Anyway, this got me thinking.  Why?
There has been one claim this year. Maybe that was it - although it seemed a bit steep.

I then remembered the 'trick' I learned, through car insurance renewals. If you re-apply online, as a brand new customer, you'll be offered the 'new customer' price.  Apparently, they're more important than existing customers!

The quote I was given online was £150 cheaper than my renewal.  Scandalous.  Using my loyal business to fund new customers.

Why should I bother to be loyal to them, when they can't show the same loyalty back?

Not to be out-done, I also tried the various comparison websites. 
Then, and this is the magical bit.  I phoned the insurance company.  The conversation went something like this:

"Thank you for calling ....  If your call is regarding your current policy or renewal, please press 1"

I pressed 1.

"Good evening, are you calling about your renewal?"

"Yes, I'd like to discuss the premium"

"One moment sir, I'll put you through to a special team we've set up to handle the hundreds of enquiries we get about renewal premiums.!!!"
OK - not the exact words, but they may as well have been.  There is a department dedicated to deal with the calls from upset, existing, customers regarding their premiums.

No more than 5 minutes later and my renewal was £215 less.  Under £400.

Why oh why Mr and Mrs Insurance Company do you put us through it?

Covered for another year, for less than before!!

The insurance company involved don't advertise via comparison websites.... helps to keep their prices down, apparently!

Who are they?  They have a red telephone, and little red mouse; on wheels!!

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