Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aunty Does It Again

Last weekend I wrote about the BBC bringing a version of its iPlayer to the Nintendo Wii.

It was released yesterday, and last night I installed the BBC iPlayer on the console.  I have to say, it's rather good.

It's extremely usable, and even though it's a wireless connection, the picture and sound quality was superb.  There was no lag, and I didn't experience any buffering problems.  This made for a flawless playback.

The interface is different to that on a PC, mainly because you need to use the Wii Remote to interact; therefore the buttons are large,  but it seems like the complete choice is there.

Obviously, on this version it's not possible to download a programme to watch at a later date; there's no storage facility on the Wii.  This is a small price to pay, and undoubtably, this will bring more viewers to the iPlayer.

For parents, there is also parental controls, so children can be prevented from watching anything they shouldn't.

Well done BBC.

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Sarah said...

I will check this with my Wii when I get a moment... lol


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