Thursday, November 19, 2009

National Freelancers Day

I'm a Freelancer.

The dictionary definition is:
  1. free-lance or free-lancer - a self-employed person working, or available to work, for a number of businesses, rather than be committed to one, and usually hired for a limited period.
  2. free lance or free lancer - a mercenary soldier in medieval Europe.
Now, I certainly don't believe I'm a mercenary soldier, however, I am available to work for a number of businesses, under contract to them.  My contracts are usually 3-monthly; in other words, I am either extended by the company, or my contract may not be renewed.

I work in the I.T. sphere of business, and the terminology commonly refers to us as 'contractors'.  There are many other terms; "interim", "independent worker", "consultant".

Freelancers provide a flexible, scalable workforce that is vital to supporting the fundamental competitiveness of the UK economy, allowing companies to manage risk and changing patterns of work in a fluctuating and often volatile market.

Freelancers come in a variety of guises from ‘sole trader’ to partnership to limited companies.  Most are workers who have chosen to be, ‘in business on their own account’, prepared to take the risks associated with being in business and hoping to enjoy the benefits of success.

You may have noticed the banner on the right-hand side of the page, advertising National Freelancers Day.

To support this, PCG would like to invite you to share your views on the evolving profile of Freelancers, their achievements, their personal experiences and their relationship with business leaders and permanent employees.  To take part in the survey, click the above link.

There will also be events up and down the country, I'll be attending the one in Manchester, to offer my support.

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