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Saturday, November 14, 2009

BBC iPlayer On The Wii

Take two of the most popular entertainment 'channels' and put them together and what have you got?  A box of tricks that really does the job.

Last year, the BBC made their iPlayer available to watch via the internet channel on the Nintendo Wii.
Since its launch on the console, the iPlayer has been a roaring success, with over 900,000 downloads.

From next Wednesday, iPlayer will be available to download as a channel in its own right, on the Nintendo Wii.  With nearly six million Wii consoles throughout the country, that's a lot of extra potential downloads.

So how did they do it?  Pay attention, this is the science part:
The technical challenges were many. The technical teams had to optimise and innovate in every part of the technical chain to make iPlayer work on an embedded device. Due to the limited processing power and memory available on these types of devices, most of the effort went into optimising data requests, minimising client side processing, reducing network traffic and balancing the remaining processing power available for video decoding with interface and interaction features. (extract from BBC Internet Blog)

As a licence payer, I think it's important that the BBC makes it's programmes as accessible as possible, to allow each and everyone to watch.
The full press release can be found here.
Personally, I'm quite excited about this.  I'm easily pleased.
Will you be watching programmes on the Wii?
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