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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Have you seen AudioBoo?

Created for users of the iPhone, it's a verbal blogging / tweeting tool.  In fact, as well as their own site, you can also post or tweet your verbal rants and raves - see below.

Now, as you may have gathered from previous posts, I don't own an iPhone. 
I'm a BlackBerry user. 
Unfortunately, the iPhone seems to have gathered the following where apps are concerned, and AudioBoo is no different.  It has been developed primarily for iPhone users, but the team haven't let that stand in their way.

There is a light!!

The clever chaps who built it, have realised that there is a huge market of non-iPhone users, and have also developed PhoneBoo.  Now, I can dial a number (which is a normal number, so is included in my inclusive minutes) and record my Boo, which is then loaded onto my profile.

If you follow me on Twitter, you can get them there, too!!


Below is an example of AudioBoo / PhoneBoo at work.


If you listened to that, you may have picked up on a small issue.  It seems to have clipped the last few seconds.  I will experiment over the next few days, and see if I can work out how to manage that.

Overall, a great idea, that seems to have caught on in quite an imaginative way; around the world.

Not bad.

Stay tuned for more.
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