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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Want One Of These....

The BlackBerry Playbook has just been released in the US, and is due to land here sometime around June.

Smaller than the iPad, and with Flash included, it may not have the Apps that are abundant on the Apple, but it does have the web-browsing capability.  Making use of 'gestures' (the knack of swiping around the screen) to bring up menus, load apps, and switch apps, there have been quite mixed reviews from the so-called pundits.

There have been many comparisons made to the iPad, many of which I think are unfair.  They are both different machines; and whilst Apple have undoubtedly got it right in many respects; it doesn't mean no-one else can.  The PlayBook is smaller and faster than the iPad; and one area that nobody seems to disagree is the multi-tasking capability of the PlayBook - the ability to swap between apps.

As a tablet, it has been designed to stand-alone from the smartphones for which BlackBerry have become well-known.  However, through the use of a Bridge, it's possible to link the two together, and use the larger screen of the Playbook to do email, calendar and BBM.

It should be noted that, in the US release, email and calendar functions are missing.  I'm hoping they'll be included before being launched here; however, I don't see it as a big miss; especially as they are both in "the cloud" and accessed via the web.

It looks like a cracking little device; and this is the 30 second ad that RIM have just started in the States.

All I need to know is - when can I get mine.....

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