Monday, April 04, 2011

Review - Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry

Do you have a BlackBerry?  Do you listen to music?
Do you listen to music on your BlackBerry?

The media player on the Torch is not bad (it's not the iPod) but for music on the move, it beats carrying two devices around.

I listen to my music during my daily commute; and whilst I don't pump up the volume so those around can hear what I'm listening to, I do enjoy the beat, and it makes the journey swing along!

I was very pleased to see that Amazon have produced an app, allowing me to purchase music right there and then, and download it to my handset.  Not only can I now listen to music, but I can buy it too.

If you're desperate to use your iPod, then you can sync the music with iTunes, and download to your media player.

Amazon always seem to do these things quite well; and their catalogue isn't bad at all.  They also offer a free track; every week; so you can try something new.

So, what have I downloaded directly to my BlackBerry?  The latest R.E.M. album "Collapse Into Now" which, personally, I think is great.  There is some great music; from a band that goes back years.

You can get the Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry app from their App World; it's free to download, and you never need to wait til you get home again.

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