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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Review - Amazon Kindle for BlackBerry

Reading.  That old chestnut.  I have written quite a few posts about books; whether the first books I read; or the physical versus electronic (e-book) book.

I have an iPad; on to which I've download the Amazon Kindle App; so I can buy books, and read them, easily from my armchair (or train seat!)

In the US, they released an Amazon Kindle for BlackBerry; which on their website they claim is only available in the US.  I have no idea why; as, last week, I downloaded it here.

Wow!! Now, I have my books with me all the time.  Standing on the station platform, I can read my book.  Not on the iPad, or even the actual book; but on my BlackBerry.  The beauty is, I can sync the bookmark on one device, and pickup from the same point on another.

I admit it's not the easiest screen to read a book; it's a little on the small side; but for a quick read, it's ideal.

So, what e-book are you reading at the moment?
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