Thursday, October 06, 2011

Google+ - Have you looked yet?

Around the middle of July, I wrote about how I was decamping from facebook, and moving over to Google+.

I wrote a more informed update a week later.

There were various reasons for leaving, including:
a) It was new (and still is fairly fresh)
b) There are no silly ads
c) There are no people calling for help to build their cities / farms etc

Now, nearly three months on, I can honestly say how refreshing it is to go there.  There are still no adverts (yet!) and it's easy to filter the streams, to view what you want to see.

I still drop in to facebook occasionally (to have a nosey); although my status updates are limited, and I've stopped posting my foursquare check-ins every time!!

The number one reason I like it is the informality of the site.  I feel free to write what I like; complete strangers (although some of them have become more friendly) comment and re-share; we chat, banter, share photos; and generally have a laugh.

More importantly, it's a place where I can find information about anything.  I just have to post a question, and within minutes (if not seconds) there's an answer.  Granted, it may not be the answer I'm looking for; but the fact that there is an army of folk out there, all willing and able to chip in, is great.

On facebook it's much more cliquey.  I don't feel that I can just 'butt in' to a conversation.
On Google+ there are no such issues - see a post, add a comment; and around it goes.

Some serious, some extremely funny.

There is music, video, photos, links to blogs - you might be reading this via Google+

It's strange that there was such a noise about the changes that facebook were making; and yet the inertia to try something new hasn't materialised in the volumes expected.  Sure, it's strange to move; but I'm not suggesting you do what I did and go cold turkey.

Take a look around.  Follow some of the people, read their comments and posts.

Post a couple of your own, and see what reaction you get.

There are some truly great people to be discovered; and whilst you may not know them in real life; they're still people, with the same emotions, daily troubles etc, that you have.  Interact with them.

So; come and take a look.

Don't be shy.


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