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Monday, December 15, 2014

New Tech - Episode Three

My third new piece of tech is something that I've been considering for a while, but it was only recently I decided to through caution to the wind (and £20 to Amazon) and buy a Chromecast.

This little dongle plugs directly into the HDMI socket on the television, and then, as the name suggests, you can "cast" pictures, music, video and websites, on to the big screen.

It's pretty much as simple as plug in, log into wi-fi and then cast whatever you want to watch.

Want to share a YouTube video with everyone in the room? Cast it
Share a photo album with everyone in the room? Cast it.
Watch a Netflix film on your bigger screen? Cast it.
Fancy some music?  You guessed it...

There's a whole host of possibilities.

How about showing a presentation from Google Drive?  With the Google Cast extension in your Chrome browser, you can cast tabs too - so using the Chromecast in a business environment is also a possibility.

Over the festive period there are also offers galore; including a free movie, 90 days of Google Play, and £15 of credit for the Google Play Store.... I've already got my money back, and more.

Have you got a Chromecast?  What do YOU think?
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