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Friday, December 12, 2014

New Tech - Episode Two

In part two of my "new tech" acquisitions, I move to Android...

For those that have read previous posts, you'll know that I have been an advocate of BlackBerry for a number of years.  From the Curve, to the Torch, then the 9900 and the Z10 - I have been a staunch supporter of 'the underdog'.

However, the services and features that I needed aren't available to use on BlackBerry - namely those of Google.  I couldn't access Google Drive, or Gmail (not that I really needed to, because of the hub) or any other services.

This was having a serious impact on my productivity, so; time to change.

After much deliberation (and a poll on Google+) I decided to go for the HTC One m8.  A decision born out of the need for a large screen and as close to native Android as possible.  I had looked at Samsung, but was put off by the sheer amount of bloatware that is bundled on the phone.

It's not the lightest phone on the market, but for me, the HTC offers sleek lines, a nice large screen, high-end processor and enough RAM to keep the phone moving; along with a battery that gets me through the day.

In fact, the battery is one of the most impressive aspects.

Tie this in with access to Amazon Prime, and I can view programmes here too.

The move to Android hasn't been simple.  In fact, it was a surprisingly steep learning curve, when moving from BlackBerry.  The integrated hub is the feature I miss the most; and having to move between messaging apps to read and reply isn't ideal.  Plus, the near endless ways in which to personalise the phone is almost mind-boggling.

I'm still learning.

However, on balance, this was the correct move for me.  I have a phone that allows me to access and edit my documents and spreadsheet; and keep them sync'd in one place - Google Drive.
I use Google Inbox (that's another story), Evernote, Google Keep and Google+.
I also like that my photos are automatically backed up; when I connect to wi-fi.

I'll keep you posted on my life with HTC, but so far, it's a happy one.

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