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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mickey Mouse Jumps Into Bed With Spider-Man

I normally steer clear of 'real' news; however, I just can't ignore one of the biggest entertainment news stories of the year.

The might of the Walt Disney Corporation is buying Marvel Entertainment for a staggering $4bn.

First of all - I admit it. I love Disney. I love all things Disney. Ever since I was a child I have admired the professionalism of the company and the entertainment it produces.

I know it's a commercial operation, serving the needs of the shareholders, and therefore, it has to make money. However, when you enter a Disney Store, or visit one of the theme parks, you can't help but smile. The bright colours and 'happy' music really make you think that life is good - forget everything and enjoy the moment.
Even the opening of its films, with Cinderallas castle, makes me smile!

In fact, the 'perfection' of Disney has led me to use a phrase where something elsewhere is not quite right - "it's not very Disney, is it?" In other words, an attraction might be dirty, a lightbulb not working. At Disney, you would rarely find such issues.

The latest chapter in Disney history, this will give them the rights to over 5000 comic heroes, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men and many, many more.

What intrigues me is that Universal Studios currently hold the licence to the theme park attractions for some of these characters, and therefore, how will this be handled? I can't believe that Disney will be happy to have their property being utilised at another studio (unless, of course, they strike a deal where they are paid a fee!!)

Now, I know that Disney also has its detractors - those that think it's watered down, schmalzy, and, as a corporation, too in control.
Whilst some people may baulk at the idea of a studio the size of Disney controlling some of the iconic superhero characters of the last century, it does mean that Marvel Entertainment (and I hope the name stays) will be brought to a bigger audience, with the might of Disney behind it.

For the sake of future entertainment, I just hope that Marvel are allowed to contine to do what it does best, and Disney do not interfere with, or change, a winning formula. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Just don't make me angry - you won't like me when I'm angry!
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